Harati, P.,  Gentili, M., Serban, N. (2016) Projecting the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Provisions on Accessibility and Availability of Primary Care for the Adult Population in Georgia, Journal of the American Public Health, accepted April 2016.

How will the Affordable Care Act impact access to primary care for adults in Georgia by 2025?

Affordable Care Act (referred to as ACA) is impacting us all although it is yet not clear how. While there are many things that could go wrong, one in particular is the shortage of providers given the increase in the demand for healthcare services under the provisions of the ACA. In our research we focused on primary care since it is the foundation of healthcare and we also focused on the adult non-elderly population. Contrary to some existing beliefs or research studies, we found that the number of adults who will not have access to primary care in Georgia due to lack of insurance or availability of providers will actually not worsen, in fact it may get better due to provisions in ACA , with about 20% more adults having access to primary care.  The accompanying map shows the communities where there will be an improvement in the met need of primary care with the implementation of ACA in Georgia by 2025.

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