Harati, P.,  Gentili, M., Serban, N. (2016) Projecting the Impact of the Affordable Care Act Provisions on Accessibility and Availability of Primary Care for the Adult Population in Georgia, Journal of the American Public Health, accepted April 2016.

How would expanding Medicaid affect access to adult primary care in Georgia?

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), states can choose to expand Medicaid so that low-income adults are eligible for coverage. Currently Georgia has chosen not to expand. However, our research found that if Georgia were to opt for Medicaid eligibility expansion, the level of met need for primary care services across the state would increase substantially (from 67% to 80%) by 2025. The burden on privately insured individuals in terms of primary care accessibility is not substantial; in only a few communities would those with private insurance experience lower accessibility. The availability of primary care providers for both the Medicaid-eligible and privately insured populations would decrease in most communities, although these decreases would not exceed 5%. The accompanying map shows areas where expanding Medicaid improves met need by 2025 significantly more than implementing the ACA without expansion.

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