Cao, S., Gentili, M.4, Griffin, P., Serban, N. (Submitted May 2016) Small-Area Estimation of Spatial Access to Pediatric Preventive Dental Care and Its Implications for Policy, under review.

Public Insurance, only a fictional solution to Preventive Dental Care for Children in Georgia

Considering common access barriers, we estimate that there are about 865,000 among the 1.5 million Medicaid or PeachCare eligible children in Georgia who need to travel to reach a dental provider for preventive care services more than the state standards and only 40,000 of those with private insurance or with the ability to afford out-of-pocket expenses. Worse, there are more than 500,000 children in Georgia whose parents will probably forgo preventive dental care for their children because of lack of financial means to pay out of pocket care, or lack of public or private insurance. This map shows the location of the communities differentiated as served, underserved and unserved based on the percentage of children without access compiling two forms of access, financial access referring to those children not eligible for public insurance with parents who cannot afford to pay out of pocket, and spatial access referring to travel distance according to the state access standards.  Most of the Georgia communities have more than 50% of children without access to preventive dental care (underserved and unserved classifications).

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